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Beers for Grilled Burgers

Abita Red Ale
American Red
Aphrodite Red Ale
Auburn Ale
Ausable Wulff Red Ale
Aviator Red Ale
Beachballs Red Ale
Big Muddy Red Unfiltered Ale
Big Red Ale
Big Red Ale
Black Bird Red Ale
Bob's First Ale
Bog Sleigh
Bolsa Chica Red Tide Ale
Brewhound Red Ale
Brewski's Bar Room Honey Red
Brickhouse Red
Brickshot Red
Burly Irish Ale
California Red
California Red Ale
Calistoga Red Ale
Callahan Red
Catalina Red Ale
Cervesa Ole'
Cherokee Red Ale
Claim Jumper Original Red Ale
Clooney's Irish Red
Cobblestone Red Ale
Coconut Head Red
Cold Spring River Road Red Ale
Copperhead Red Ale
Cow Catcher Red Ale
Crimson Voodoo Ale
Crop Circle Red Ale
Crosley's Red Ale
Crystal Bay Red Ale
Deb's Red Ale
Deraileur Red
Dungarvon Irish Red Ale
English Red
Erik the Red Ale
Eureka Red
Evil Dead Red
Fenian Irish Red Ale
Finnigan's Irish Red Ale
Firehouse Red
Founders Red Ale
Free Range Red
Grace O'Malley's Irish Ale
Hedgerow Red Ale
Hemp Ale
Hempen Sabrosa Red
High Roller Red
High Roller Red
High Roller Red
Holy Cow Red Ale
Hop Head Red
Hope Red Rooster Ale
Hunter's Irish Ale
Inaugural Ale
Indian Head Red
Irish Ale
Irish Red
Irish Red
Irish Red Ale
J.T.'s Badger Red Ale
Jackhammer Red Ale
Jamaica Brand Red Ale
Jet City Rocket Red Ale
Jewel City Red Ale
Johnny "Blood" Irish Red
Jurupa Valley Red Ale
Katahdin Red Ale
Kilgubbin Red Ale
Kodiak Red Ale
Larimer Red Ale
Lavaman Red Ale
Legacy Red Ale
Limerick Red
Limerick's Irish Red Ale
Lucky Shamrock
MacQueens Nessie Original Red Ale
MacQueens Nessie Whiskey Malt Red Beer
Magic Hat Ale
Main Line Red
Mallard Bay Red Ale
Malt River Red
Merry Maker
Merry Maker
Mesabi Red
Misty Flips Red Ale
Mobjack Red Ale
Murphy's Irish Red
Napa Red Ale
Neptune's Red
North Star Nut Red Ale
Old 66 River City Red Ale
Old Saddleback Half Stock Ale
Olde Red Eye
Opie Red
Orion's Red Ale
Paint The Town Red
Panama Limited Red Ale
Pelican Red Ale
PennCentennial Raspberry Red Ale
Pete's Red Rush
Pete's Wicked Red
Pheasant Tail Red Ale
Pick Axe Pale Ale
Pick Axe Pale Ale
Pinstripe Red Ale
Pony Express Rider's Red Ale
Quantrill's Red
Railroad Red Ale
Rainbow Red Ale
Rangeley Red
Rappahannock Red Ale
Rat Beach Red Ale
Rat Beach Red Ale
Real Biddy
Red Ale
Red Ale
Red Ale
Red Ale
Red Alert Ale
Red Ass Ale
Red Ass Ale
Red Banshee Ale
Red Banshee Ale
Red Biddy
Red Brick Ale
Red Brick Ale
Red Coat Ale
Red Cuillin
Red Feather
Red Feather
Red Garter Ale
Red Jacket Ale
Red Macgregor
Red Madness
Red Mountain Red Ale
Red Nectar Ale
Red Penny Ale
Red Rack Ale
Red Roadster
Red Robin Ale
Red Rocket
Red Rocks
Red Rooster
Red Rooster Ale
Red Rooster Ale
Red Seal Ale
Red Seal Ale
Red Surf Ale
Red Tail Ale
Red Tail Ale
Red Thistle Ale
Red Top Ale
Red Trolley Ale
Red Trolley Ale
Redemption Red Ale
Redhead Ale
RedLegg Ale
Reggie's Red
Renaissance Red
Resolution Red Ale
Ricon Red
Rimpau Red
Ringneck Red Ale
Rip Roarin' Red Ale
Riptide Red Ale
Rita's Red Ale
River Market Red
Roadrunner Red Ale
Robbins' Rocking Red Ale
Rock Creek Red Ale
Rocky Mountain Red Ale
Rod's Rodeo Red
Rogue Red Ale
Rohrbach Red Wing Red Ale
Roland's Red
Roseburg Red
Roulette Red Ale
Rubens Red
Ruby Red
Ruby Red Ale
Runaway Red Ale
Satan Red
Scarab Red
Scarab Red
Scuttlebutt Honey Red
Seama's Irish Red
Sharkbite Red Ale
Sierra Madre Red Ale
Sierra Madre Red Ale
Singletrack Copper Ale
Sleeman Original Dark
Sockeye Red Ale
St. Brendan's Irish Red Ale
St. Paddy's
St. Rogue Red
St. Stan's Red Sky Ale
Sunset Red
Sunset Red
Thunderhead Irish Red
Top Down Classic Red Ale
Trail Ridge Red
Trail Ridge Red
Tree Red Ale
Twisted Pine Red Mountain Ale
Wild Red Ale
Wrangler Red Ale
Xtra-Tuff Red Ale